Inside Dubai’s most luxurious private palace on The World

The Dhs80 million property even has its own snow room

The Time Out team check out an Dhs80 million mansion in The Heart of Europe.

The Heart of Europe is one of the region’s, if not the world’s, most exciting projects. Not just because of its scale (being the central part of The World island development), but because it’s also bringing to life the sort of creativity and ambition that is simply unprecedented.

At its core, The Heart of Europe is creating some of the most luxurious palaces (to call it a villa is massively underplaying it) around. Seven bedrooms, five floors – including dedicated floors for guests – plus a party roof, gymnasium, sauna, massage room, Jacuzzis, private pools, private beach and the pièce de résistance: a snow room.

You’d be forgiven for not ever having seen a snow room before, but it’s exactly what it sounds like. What can only be described as a snow shower pumps out ice and snow from the ceiling, and if you leave it on long enough the whole room will be completely filled up.

It’s something mesmerising, and Tim and Dean went along to check out one of the palaces in the flesh. While they were there they also checked out the Floating Seahorse villas, and found out how the team are developing new coral life in the area, and helping to nurture endangered species.

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