Dubai summer survival

It's that time again folks, it's getting very very hot, so how on earth are we going to survive another summer?

The Dubai Aquarium
The Dubai Aquarium
Skins Ice Suit
Skins Ice Suit
Chill Out
Chill Out
Indoor golf
Indoor golf
Norman Jay
Norman Jay
Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai
Transformers 2
Transformers 2
Ice Age 3
Ice Age 3
DKNY Be Delicious
DKNY Be Delicious
Dubai Autodrome
Dubai Autodrome
Seawings plane
Seawings plane
Magic Planet
Magic Planet
Indoor skydiving
Indoor skydiving
Powered parachuting
Powered parachuting

May 21
Catch Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation. Not literally – we hear he’s got a bit of a temper. Just watch the film.

May 22
If you haven’t checked out Sanctuary at Atlantis yet, head down tonight for New York knob-twiddler Sandy Rivera. 04 426 0000.

May 23
Where’s that rose? Dubai Tango Fest is on until May 25.

May 24
Invest in a Skins Ice Suit – it cools down as you heat up. Really! Go Sports, Mall of the Emirates, 04 341 3251.

May 25
Get tickets for theatre production Umoja – The Spirit Of Togetherness. This self-proclaimed ‘celebration of life’ should cheer you up.

May 26
Pop to Dubai’s only ice bar, Chill Out, in Times Square. Minus six degrees isn’t pleasant, but it’s worth it for the photos. 04 341 8121.

May 27
Swing a round of indoor golf at the 50+ simulated golf courses inside Sheikh Zayed Road’s Crowne Plaza. 04 331 1111.

May 28
Time to see if Winslet deserved that statue for The Reader, in cinemas today.

May 29
Laugh your head off at comedians Sugar Sammy, Daliso Chaponda and Wonho Chung at Ductac. Then catch Calvin Harris afterwards at Alpha.

May 30
Head to the Hatta Pools for an early morning dip. Even better, go on a trek and absorb the lush greenery. Net Tours, from Dhs300.

May 31
Enjoy one of the last nights at 360° before the summer closure with a banging house set from Conan Manchester. 04 406 8744.

June 1
Quick – get to Bernhard Buhmann’s neo-baroque works at Carbon 12 in Marina View Towers before the exhibition ends on June 8. 050 873 9623.

June 2
Find out why everyone’s banging on about The Wire: 60 episodes = 60 hours of gripping drama.

June 3
Express your summer woes with paint at thejamjar, and enjoy photos of Subodh Kerkar’s installations on the beaches of Goa until June 6. 04 341 7303.

June 4
His show’s called Good Times Live, for Pete’s sake. Norman Jay’s set at The Warehouse should definitely live up to its name.

June 5
Head over to The Music Room to hear Nine Below Zero, a blues-rock act, 04 359 8888. Or, watch the whole of 24, Season 7 on Showtime.

June 6
Whose Line Is It Anyway? is back at the Madinat. Challenge the Comedy Store Players to act out Dubai’s summer cabin fever. Oh, go on.

June 7
Head to the beach at dusk. It’s hot, but bearable, and the water’s just lovely.

June 8
Go to Manila – the bar. Manila 365 hosts ‘formidable’ Filipino karoake sessions every night. Ramee Guestline, Deira 04 295 8777.

June 9
Fill a paddling pool (Carrefour and Géant both have great deals) with ice water. Place in shaded spot. Pour refreshing drink. Wallow.

June 10
Get in lane at Dubai Bowling Center or the licensed Al Nasr Leisureland. Take your summer frustration out on those darn pins. 04 296 9222, 04 337 1234.

June 11
Experience the sheer randomness of Al Saheel: The Voice Of The Horse at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. It will make the summer season seem less insane. Until June 27, from Dhs110.

June 12
Catch actors enacting fairytales, including Cinderella, and stories from the Holy Qu’ran in World Of Stories – on until June 23.

June 13
Rearrange your home a room at a time. Hibernating will feel that much more bearable. Call Feng Shui expert Vicky Moane for tips on how to do it properly. 050 646 1417.

June 14
Summer wardrobes demand good T-shirts, so invest in a few from ace design store Graniph. Festival Centre, 04 232 8531.

June 15
Watch new episodes of Ugly Betty, series three on Showtime. Did you miss Marc as much as we did?

June 16
Climb the walls – literally – at Dubai’s World Trade Centre. 04 436 8100.

June 17
Swim with dolphins at Atlantis for a ‘so Dubai’ moment. 04 426 0000.

June 18
Go shell hunting on the beach in the morning when it’s low tide.

June 19
Make a playlist of your top summer songs and then listen to it while dangling your legs in the pool (we’re loving ‘Bulletproof’ by La Roux at the moment).

June 20
Spend the day watching movies back-to-back in the cinema – never mind square eyes. If you’ve got the cash, splash it on Gold Class at Mall of the Emirates or Festival City.

June 21
Last year S*uce offered ice lollies to shoppers. Have a look-see at what they have up for grabs this year. Village Mall, 04 344 7270, Dubai Mall, 04 339 9696.

June 22
It was made for summer: Ski Dubai. Even if you just want to roll about in snow for a bit. 04 409 4000.

June 23
Create your own vegetable garden: aubergines, basil and radish all grow in the summer here and it’s very therapeutic. For green-fingered tips, head for The Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, 04 340 0006.

June 24
Head to the Courtyard in The Palace hotel. Somehow it remains cool outside throughout the summer. 04 428 7888.

June 25
Marvel as big robots tear up America in Transformers 2.

June 26
Chill with a massage at International City’s Express Unwind. 04 430 8304.

June 27
Check out the works of talented local Sheila and Abaya designers at their show, until June 30.

June 28
Find out what obsesses Dubai with memorabilia exhibition The Collectors from June 27-August 7.

June 29
Did you know Ibn Battuta offers trips in a hot air balloon? 04 362 1901.

June 30
Buy a ClimaCushion gadget to cool your car seat.

July 1
Learn about Emirati life at the heritage event Min Bladi Al Emarat at Ibn Battuta Mall.

July 2
Ideal for cooling you off – Ice Age 3 frosts up cinemas from today.

July 3 & 4
Take advantage of the Chill Out offer at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. 04 809 6100.

July 5
Happy Hour at The Observatory at The Harbour Hotel & Residence: AC, views and atmosphere. 04 319 4000.

July 6
If you haven’t watched Curb Your Enthusiasm already, summer means you can indulge in 30 hours of Larry David’s mishaps.

July 7
Hold a DVD party. Invest in a projector and then discuss the flick afterwards.

July 8
Fancy piano-led alternative rock? Then hear Brit warblers Keane are playing Madinat Arena.

July 9
Arts Oasis is a chance to meet international artists. This year’s focuses on global warming.

July 10
Get inspired at the Junior Chef of the Year Awards. Until July 14.

July 11
Pencil in an overnight stay at Al Maha Desert Resort, it’ll be about 10 degrees cooler. 04 303 4222.

July 12
There are five seasons of Six Feet Under. That’s 63 hours of fatal fun.

July 13
Gobble Frederic-James Fitoussi’s premium gelato from stands in Ibn Battuta Mall, Deira City Centre or Mall of the Emirates.

July 14

Madicts are people who love US drama Mad Men. Become one, and enjoy 26 hours of ’60s New York nostalgia.

July 15
Alternatively, if you’re into violence, DVD-it-up with Dexter for 24 hours of gore.

July 16
The speccy one is back in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. There’s no stopping the wizardry.

July 17
Score points with the UAE Scrabble Club – check out the group on Facebook.

July 18
Swim with sharks and 30,000 other species in The Dubai Aquarium. It’s perfectly safe (really!). 04 437 3200.

July 19
Get up early and walk the mall with other friendly strollers.

July 20
Throw some shapes on the rink at Al Nasr Leisureland, 04 337 1234, The Dubai Mall, 04 437 3111, or the Galleria at the Hyatt Regency. 04 209 6550.

July 21
Buy DKNY’s Be Delicious scent for yourself or your missus to avoid the summer stench.

July 22
Grab a fabulous fresh fruit juice from Arabian Sea Shell Cafeteria on Jumeriah Beach Road. 04 394 2886.

July 23
Girls – get to Wild Wadi for their weekly Ladies’ night, until 1am. Fellas, we’ll describe it later. Until August. 04 348 4444.

July 24
Brunch it up at The Warehouse. Dhs266 for tapas and mojitos (in dinky test tubes!). 04 217 0000.

July 25
Man/Age Men Spa at JBR has some great membership programmes. Come on lads, get with the programme! 04 323 2676.

July 26
If you haven’t seen The West Wing, don’t be ashamed. Just watch it now: 156 episodes = 109.2 hours of political play.

July 27
Hold a dish-it-out dinner party, where everyone brings an ingredient. Just make sure you co-ordinate, or it might end up a little unappetising.

July 28
Buy a garden swing from Ace Hardware. Create your own breeze. 04 338 1416.

July 29
Organise a paintball session by night.

July 30
Hold a board game night. Cranium, Monopoly, Who’s Who – whatever incites vicious rivalry.

July 31
Drive to the top of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain, and then down to the wadi at the bottom for the lower temperature and sense of escape.

August 1
Have a stab at a sailing class with Dusail. 04 394 9146.

August 2
Learn to play an instrument and start a band. Call The Music Institute for lessons and a rehearsal space. 04 4243818. Then check out our Music section to find like-minded musicians.

August 3
Get into linen. We recommend Bur Dubai’s Kachins for top, breathable clothing. 04 352 1246.

August 4
Personalise a plate at Café Ceramique to commemorate your steadfast refusal to let summer win. Maybe write ‘air con is bliss’. Jumeirah branch 04 344 7331, Mall of the Emirates. 04 341 0144.

August 5
Feel like the last people left in Dubai? Catch Battlestar Galactica and empathise: 75 episodes means 52.5 hours of cultural sci-fi.

August 6
To commemorate HH Sheikh Zayed Day, nose around Bur Dubai’s Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House to see how UAE royalty live. 04 393 7139.

August 7
National Geographic participate in DSS’s Photography Exhibition, open to all local snappers. Until August 13.

August 8
Try out a cooking class at Traiteur or Thai Kitchen. Teach a man to fish, and all that. Dhs295, 04 602 1804.

August 9
New week, new skills: enrol in one of the 30 language courses offered at the Eton Institute, from Arabic to Russian to Farsi.

August 10
Jumeirah Beach Hotel boasts a Mr Whippy ice cream machine. And no, it’s not only for five-year-olds. Get whippin’! 04 348 0000.

August 11
Head to the Dubai Marina. Run through the fountains (the ones that kids are normally playing in). Who cares if you look unhinged?

August 12
Invest in Carolina Herrera’s 212 Sexy Man aftershave, from all good scent shops. Waaay better than perspiration.

August 13
Organise an indoor go-karting trip at Dubai Autodrome. Ideal for relieving rage.

August 14
Time for another brunch. Lotus One’s serves trendy fusion. 04 329 3200.

August 15
Make like it’s a cold winter day and cook a Saturday roast. Check out for suggestions on how to get the recipe spot on.

August 16
Drive over to Sharjah and try out the Eye of the Emirates big wheel. There’s bound to be cool winds that high up. We think.

August 17
Head for the clouds in a Seawings seaplane. The views are fantastic and it’s definitely cooler up there. 04 883 2999.

August 18
Dive-In Movies is an outdoor cinema where you watch films from an inflatable chair in the Montgomerie hotel’s pool. Almost too good to be true. 04 390 5600.

August 19
Go for a powerwalk at night (with plenty of water). Convince yourself that because you’re sweating so much, you’re burning twice as many calories. Ahem.

August 20
Ramadan is forecast to begin. If you’re not Muslim, try fasting (sensibly) for the first day as a show of solidarity with other Dubai residents.

August 21
May the iftars begin! Last year, Four Seasons Golf Club’s Arabic-Asian offering was economical and palatable. 04 601 0101.

August 22
The One&Only Royal Mirage hosted two climate-controlled iftars last year for only Dhs150. Let’s hope they beat that in ’09. 04 399 9999.

August 23
Get lost for hours at The Dubai Mall’s immense book store Kinokuniya. 04 434 0011.

August 24
Fancy David Duchovny playing a fun-time novelist in a sharp, modern comedy? Take in six hours of edgy fun with Californication.

August 25
Get up at 6am and go for an early morning swim in the sea. Nothing starts the day better.

August 26
Magic Planet is not just for kids. Get on that hoop machine and wild elephants won’t be able to tear you away. 04 295 4333.

August 27
Lounge at home and read Between The Assassinations, the follow up to Aravind Adaga’s Booker Prize-winning The White Tiger. Then feel clever.

August 28
Sign up for a wakeboarding lesson at Cassells Hotel in Ghantoot. Once you’re up it’s like walking on water. Unbeatable. 050 768 9504.

August 29
Head over to Abu Dhabi Health and Fitness Club and go indoor skydiving. Now there’s a breeze.

August 30
You may not have heard of US series The Huff, but you should have. An addictive psychological drama, this makes for 13 hours of fun.

August 31
Eat a shawarma in Satwa from Al Khayal Cafeteria on Satwa Road. 04 349 0759.

September 1
Design your own smoothie. We like frozen berries, milk, mango and hazelnuts. If you’re lazy, head to the Basta Art Café. Its mixtures are a winner.

September 2
We’re feeling a little adolescent this week – pack in some laser tag at Dubai Autodrome’s Laserdrome.

September 3
Help out at a charity Iftar and see what Ramadan is all about. See our Community section and pick a cause.

September 4
Host an Iftar at home. Learn to make Arabic staples like homous and baba ganouj and never be dip-less again!

September 5
Fly in a car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style, with powered parachuting. 050 277 8464.

September 6
Go out for Iftar and learn something too at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. 04 353 6666.

September 7
Make some ice lollies, using real fruits for added flavourful fabulousness. Mmm.

September 8
Carry out a random act of kindness. Make cookies for your neighbour. Be kind on the roads. Pay someone a compliment. Watch the good vibes spread.

September 9
Get on The Metro! Then explore Burj Dubai! Dubai is set to change forever today.

September 10
Plan a Thursday night out using The Metro, just because you can.

September 11
You have our permission to sleep all day long if you wish.

September 12
Get to Jumeirah Mosque for 10am and learn the basics of Islam for Dhs10. It could change your understanding of Dubai life forever. 04 353 6666.

September 13
Join the Old Library at Mall of the Emirates. At over 30 years old, it’s ancient in Dubai terms. 04 341 4777.

September 14
Host a Wii party. If you don’t own one, find someone who does and get bowling. Or hold a private yoga session. It’s seriously addictive living room fun.

September 15
It’s finally slightly cooling off! Go forth and enjoy the great outdoors. No mall trawling allowed for at least a month.
Events and films all subject to change by organisers. Call ahead for details.

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