Paris in Dubai

Dubai really is "hot", but what is going to be Paris' new Arabic catchphrase?

In an explosion of pink canapes, Time Out met Paris Hilton last night and, as ever, the US hotel heiress with a party-girl reputation had plenty to say.

In fact, she would have had much more to say, if her Paris Hilton's My New BFF minders hadn't kept cutting our questions short.

We had no comment on Christiano Ronaldo - Paris is supposed to have spent quite a bit of time with the super-rich football star earlier this month, after splitting from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

We were also given a no comment on what her fellow celebs thought of Dubai when they returned from the grand opening of Atlantis.

Here are 10 things we found out from Paris

1 She will be looking at properties in Dubai with regards to opening her own 'Paris' hotel

2 She will be dressing modestly during her visit and she 'loves' local fashion - especially the green dress she was wearing by local designer and BFF sponsor Sarah Belhasa

3 She will be creating her own new Arabic catchphrase to replace her current favourites 'That's Hot' and 'That's Huge' while she's in Dubai

4 She will be keeping us all updated on her movements via social networking site Twitter. How polite

5 She is a professional. When we asked about her business plans in Dubai, and were stopped by her BFF people, Paris butted in and answered anyway. "This is about my business, I am happy to talk about it." She says that she will be deciding where to stock her new clothing line in Dubai as well as dropping in on her existing accessories shops

6 She will be hitting up some Dubai party hotspots. Cavalli Club and C-Bar are top of the list so far

7 She wants her new Dubai BFF to be "loyal and genuine" - this could be a long shot as every one of the 22 finalists we saw looked like models. Aside from one, who looked a lot like a member of the production staff that we had spotted earlier

8 Paris says she makes an excellent friend and that her new BFF will be made to feel like part of her own family

9 Paris plans to visit other parts of the Middle East and hopes to show people in the west 'the real Dubai'

10 It took three people to arrange Paris' bottle of water before we spoke. But she's not a diva. One member of a TV crew whose microphone had slipped down asked Paris to move it back and she did, before replying "it was my pleasure".

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