Dubai myths

Do you remember the days before you moved to Dubai? Do you remember the things that your friends and family told you about living here? We do…

Most expats living in Dubai were told a whopper or two by kindly relatives, or knowledgeable friends, before they relocated. Here are 25 of our favourite Dubai myths…

1 That I’d put on a stone – it was actually two

2 That it was so hot at night, even with air conditioning, you’d need a hot water bottle frozen

3 That men were served first in the queue for banks...couldn't have been more wrong

4 That I’d be well paid

5 That it was more likely to rain gold and oil than water

6 That I’d have loads of gold jewellery. It isn’t actually that cheap is it?

7 That we’d all be filthy rich because of the cheap and plentiful accommodation coupled with not having to pay taxes

8 That there would be an actual expat quarter with bars and places that you could walk between and you would get to know faces. Not the Irish Village.

9 That there would be more places to walk

10 That I’d wear more linen

11 That there were never any mosquitoes in Dubai. A lie

12 That you couldn’t get around Dubai without a car. Nonsense

13 That there was no crime here

14 That I’d be forced to wear a burkha. By law

15 That I would be attending lots of secret expat parties

16 That I’d never be able to wear my hair down over the summer

17 That the water would make my hair fall out

18 That I would have no choice but to drive a 4 x 4

19 That, as a girl, I wouldn’t be able to leave the house without a male relative

20 That it’s impossible to walk anywhere in Dubai as they don’t have pathways (although Garhoud currently proves this point)

21 That I wouldn’t be allowed to wear a bikini to the beach

22 That it was so hot I would always have to wear suncream. Everywhere. At all times

23 That I’d never want to leave

24 That it never rained. Ever

25 That I’d save loads of money and go home rich

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