British Embassy in Dubai hilarious Christmas warning

Time Out Dubai has a funny video from the British Embassy in Dubai aboutt being an expat in Dubai spending Christmas in Dubai. Watch the video here

Do you recall the most infamous reindeer of the all? Well, those who said Rudolph are sadly mistaken. Turns out it was his pal who lives in Dubai.

So say the British Embassy, who have released a funny new video that comes with a serious warning for expats living in the United Arab Emirates this festive season. 

The clip, which is a riff on the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, was shared on their YouTube page and features what seems to be a choir of Embassy workers delivering lines that could only refer to life in the United Arab Emirates.

From getting sunburned on the weekend to getting in trouble for drinking without an alcohol licence, the British Embassy is dishing out an important warning with classic British humour.

There’s even references to getting thrown out of the country due to inappropriate commentary on social media.

Happy holidays folks!

Full lyrics:

Rupert the expat reindeer, Had a very sunburnt nose
He’d been at the beach all Friday, Now is honker really glows
Some of the other reindeer, Tweeted some offensive stuff
Four of them got deported, Santa’s job got really tough
Then that sandy Christmas Eve, Rupert drank too much
And his licence had run out, “To jail now!” the judge did shout
Then how the reindeer mocked him, He caused a lot of misery
Rupert the expat reindeer, You’re a liability

Rupert the expat reindeer, Strikes a more respectful pose
Suncream at the beach on Friday, And elsewhere less skimpy clothes
And all of the other reindeer, Are more well behaved this time
They have their licence, so drinking grape is not a crime
So this year on Christmas Eve, Presents will arrive
Rupert will be flying for sure, Now he understands the law
Know all the laws and customs, Here in the UAE
Wishing you a merry Christmas, From the British Embassy

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