Dubai adventurer Kingston's most dangerous climb yet

Time Out Dubai has information on Dubai adventurer James Kingston's most dangerous climb yet. Plus follow the action in a shocking video clip

There are many things we can think of doing with a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, but this isn’t one of them.

Most likely stemming from the fact we were never quite as impressive in the jungle gym as the kids, you can imagine how awestruck we are at James Kingston’s latest video.

The same guy who brought us Hanging In Dubai in July – where he did exactly what it says on the tin on the Princess Tower – is back in the Dubai Marina.

This time the Brit appears in a video titled Dangerous building climb in Dubai and the description on the 3:53 minute-long clip details how risky his adventure is.

“This building in Dubai is definitely the most dangerous place I've ever explored,” he says. “Wobbly ladders, broken walls, missing fences & random holes in the floor. Still great fun though!

“The crane above it peaked at around 200m high & offered views towards the Marina & also Downtown. Lots more content to come :)”

He’s not exaggerating. Harness-free of course, watch in astonishment as Kingston makes his way around a building, often stepping to the edge of structures. Viewers may experience a tummy flip as we get to see the city from his point of view and even more so when other cameras film the bigger picture.

He commented: “Hope you like this one guys! This building was so sketchy haha Please give the video a thumbs up & share it if you enjoyed it :) thanks!!”

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