New app in Dubai helps you find a lunch buddy

Time Out Dubai has information on a new app in Dubai which helps you find a lunch buddy, using LinkedIn and a geo-locator on your mobile phone and other devices

We’ve all been there at some point. Your usual lunch buddy is nowhere to be seen which means it’s time to venture out into the world at lunchtime… alone.

Like a scene from Mean Girls, you might be tempted to take your food into a toilet cubicle rather than face the hoisting yourself onto a window-facing stool at your regular feeding spot, but we wouldn’t recommend that.

And it’s a good thing to as your afternoon meal need not be so lonely according to the makers of this new app.

More than 500 people are already using LunchMatcher in Dubai and it’s expected 2,000 will be reached by the middle of the year.

The app is billed as a great resource for professionals hoping to enjoy a chat over a sandwich with like-minded business people, so you’ll never feel like a lunch time has been wasted staring mindlessly at your phone again.

So how does it work? Using LinkedIn and geo-location, you can discover who’s in your area that’s also looking for a lunch buddy. Whether you’re more of a Pret-To-Go guy or would prefer to do few quick courses at Q43, check out the venue options and see what time slot other people are free.

At the moment the only available in the UAE but plans are in the works to roll it out across some other cities in the region too. Download it on Android or iPhone.

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