VIDEO: 'Whale shark' spotted near Dubai's Palm Jumeirah

Time Out has information on a 'Whale shark' spotted near Dubai's Palm Jumeirah. Also see a video shared via Facebook, as captured by an amateur videographer

Back in August, Dubai went wild when a whale shark was spotted in the Marina.

And the same could happen all over again as the mammal has reportedly been seen again, but this time in the Palm Jumeirah waters.

Newspaper 7Days shared a video on their Facebook page, from reader Andreia Ferreira, who had spotted the creature moving around very near the sand.

Captured from a high floor on a building facing the shores, the clips shows - what could be a shark - swimming by.

Some users on the social networking website commented that the creature was moving “too slowly” or in a pattern that doesn’t indicate it’s a shark.

Others mentioned how nice it was to see it in its natural habitat and that the occasion was nothing odd.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times, plus like by approximately 1000 people and shared by 300.

Whale sharks are not a danger to humans - choosing to eat plankton and smaller fish - although their size can startle divers when they come across them in warmer waters.

The largest ever captured was a staggering 40 feet (12 metres), while the average is closer to half that.

In the past videos on YouTube have reportedly shown the same in 2006, 2011 and 2013.

Similarly, in 2008, a four-metre long whale shark, later named Sammy, was rescued from a lagoon in Jebel Ali and nursed back to health at the Atlantis, The Palm aquarium.

Watch the video on Time Out Dubai's Facebook page.

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