Lion found in Al Barsha now at Dubai Zoo

Time Out Dubai has an update on the lion found in Al Barsha on Thursday. The lion escaped from one of the nearby houses in Dubai and is now at Dubai Zoo

A lion spotted roaming the streets of Al Barsha on Thursday night is being treated in Dubai Zoo following its capture.

News of the rogue animal surfaced on social media at around 7pm as thousands of commuters rushed home from work to embrace the weekend.

Police acted quickly in closing off the area, while expect handlers from Dubai Municipality safely secured the one-year-old female. She was handed over to veterinarians shortly after.

Nobody was injured in the incident, according to Dubai Police, who are investigating where the lioness had come from. Early reports suggested it had escaped from a nearby residence.

The escape comes a week after reports that a new draft law was to be proposed in the UAE banning the possession of wild animals. According to local sources the law would include deterrent penalties for offenders of prison time and a hefty fine.

A similar law already exists in Sharjah prohibiting the trade and possession of exotic wild animals. Anyone found with a banned animal faces a fine of up to Dhs100,000.

Parts of the Gulf region have been criticised in the past for their attitude towards to domestication of lions, cheetahs, tigers and other similar pets. In 2014, a Kuwait national was sued after his pe

The treatment of endangered animals has been a hotly debated topic in the last six months, following high profile poaching incidents in Africa, as well as the launch of a campaign in November by Emirates to highlight the illegal trade.

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