Burj Khalifa base jump 360 video released by XDubai

Time Out Dubai has the Burj Khalifa base jump 360 video released by XDubai. Watch the stunt around the world's tallest building Khalifa at any angle

XDubai have added a whole new dimension to how you experience one of Dubai's most iconic stunt videos, by bolting on immersive 360 software to the world famous Burj Khalifa base jump.

Originally a stunning piece of viral content back in 2014, the short clip of Vince Reffet (before the world knew him as one half of the Jetmen) and Fred Fugen leaping from a small platform atop the world's tallest tower has been viewed almost 12.5 million times. It shows the wingsuited pair, with red flares bellowing from their feet, fly around the monumental structure before deploying a parachute and landing safely in Burj Park.

But now, with the implementation of the latest video technology to the footage shot from the head-cam of one of the daredevils, we can experience the breathtaking stunt with a first person perspective.

The video, which is best viewed on a mobile device, allows the user to look in any direction, not just where the camera is pointing. Android and iphone users can simply reposition their device to make the most out of the experience, while desktop browsers can click and drag the YouTube clip below. 


The technology was launched on the video sharing site around about a year ago, and has since been used by hundreds of brands, most notably Star Wars who showcased a journey through Jakku, the planet for which Abu Dhabi was the setting in the new film, The Force Awakens. Even Red Bull F1 got in on the act in 2015 with a first person perspective from the seat of their cars.

But it's on this base jump that we think the tool is at its best. Have a play for yourself and find out.

Oh, and here's the original for good measure...

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