Hub Zero brings Artificial Intelligence to Dubai

Time Out Dubai announces a new and exciting opening in Dubai for theme park and computer game fans; Hub Zone is to bring Artificial Intelligence to Dubai

Artificial Intelligence is coming to Dubai. Whether that means Arnold Schwarzenegger will not the streets as The Terminator, we're not quite sure, but we're still excited about the latest announcement from City Walk.

Hot on the heels of the second phase of development at the outdoor shopping district, Meraas have announced the opening of Hub Zero.

Hailed as 'the region's first immersive entertainment park', the indoor centre will feature attractions and rides based on popular video games.

Exactly what games is not revealed, but developers EA, Capcom and KONAMI are among those on board, suggesting this will be more than just your standard arcade hall. Microsoft and Square Enix have also signed up.

According to official information released to Time Out Dubai, the split-level facility will spread across 15,000 square metres, and feature 18 'attractions, rides and experiential zones'.

Here's where AI comes in: Hub Zero, with a tagline of 'Live The Game', promises to create a vibrant virtual environment' with games 'powered by artificial intelligence and featuring real-time engines to provide an unmatched interactive and non-predictive gaming experience'.

And that's all we've got, so far. Fans will have to wait until summer to get a look at the new venue, but for now let your imagination run wild about the sort of AI-powered games you could have with the likes of Need For Speed (EA Games), Metal Gear Solid (KONAMI), Street Fighter (Capcom) and FIFA (EA Games).

BEST OF EA: FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, Need For Speed
BEST OF CAPCOM: Street Fighter, Marvel, Resident Evil
KONAMI: Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer, Silent Hill

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