Careem Camel taxi service launches

Time Out Dubai has news of Careem Camel taxi service launch, where you can hire a camel to transport you across town. You'd be FOOLish to miss out

Dubai's penchant for the luxury side of life has infiltrated all aspects of what we do, so much so that it can be easy to overlook the rich history and tradition.

Not so if you are Careem, who today launch the stress-free transport service, The Careem Camel.

Tailored to deal with families, tourists and even businessmen, the new 'vehicles' join the fleet of cars already out on the road servicing your taxi needs.

You'd be FOOLish to miss out on being one of the first to experience the service, with your first journey complimentary to those booking on the app before midnight on April 1.

Three varieties of mount will be made available in on the first of the month, including the Economical Camel, a indigenous single-humped dromedary. Should you wish to crank things up a notch, the two-humped Bactrian beast from Central and East Asia can be used.

But the ultimate exuberance, The Business Camel, features built-in Wi-Fi, a laptop stand and power points for recharging electrical devices on-the-go.

In line with Careem’s unique regional vision, the local venture aims to further build upon its offering of accessible transport options that are safe, enjoyable and entertaining. Through a simple, technology-focused platform, Careem continues to work towards opening up a world of endless possibilities. With the fleet of Careem Camels, customers will be able to opt to experience a distinctive mode of transportation, with the much-loved animal that is famously known as the ‘ship of the desert’ and that is intrinsically linked with the historical methods of transport.

"We understand that transport is a lifeline to everything, and genuinely believe that people should always arrive at their destination feeling relaxed," said Avril Phoole, Head of the Happiness at Careem.

"Our research has shown us that using traditional methods of transport, such as the humble camel, can reduce stress and improve happiness. Together, with our strong sense of community and our customers’ trust, we aim to offer unforgettable journeys with our fleet of well-trained Camels.

"And with no recorded Camel collisions in the UAE, we can also say that it is extremely safe."

For more information on the services available at Careem, simply visit, or download the Careem app.

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