Was this the best ever April Fool about Dubai?

Time Out tips its hat to the Telegraph for the story about Westeros being replicated in Dubai. Was this the best ever April Fool about Dubai?

You may have noticed we had a little fun ourselves on April Fool’s Day when we ‘revealed’ Careem would be launching a Camel taxi service in Dubai.

Some of you were had, others spotted the joke straight away. But everyone took it in the spirit it was intended, that of good old fashioned fun.
However one particular stunt last Friday really captured the imagination and even got one or two of the Time Out team dashing to their computers to write up the story.
So was this the best April Fool’s Day joke about Dubai ever?
According to British newspaper the Telegraph, plans had been unveiled to recreate Westeros off the coast of Dubai. Fans of Game Of Thrones will know that’s the continent on which the smash hit TV show is set, and which will return to our screens with OSN this month.

And to be honest, it seemed almost feasible. Well, we do already havr a giant man-made island shaped like a palm tree, plus of course The World Islands; Westeros would be easy by comparison. 
In their online news story, the Telegraph claimed: ‘Documents detailing the project, seen by Telegraph Travel, address the obvious differences between the climate of Westeros – which ranges from Arctic at its northern tip to Mediterranean in it southern reaches – and that of the UAE.
‘It says that, while dredged sand will also be used to create the island, a vast irrigation system will allow soil, grass and trees to be planted, to recreate the rolling hills and forests seen in the hit HBO TV series.’
Writer Oliver Smith even drew on some real life comparisons to help string us on, referencing Miracle Garden, the 780,000 square feet natural flower garden situated near Sports and Motor City.
He also implied the technology used in Ski Dubai at Mall Of The Emirates, would be used to create the lands beyond The Wall, the 300-mile long, 700-ft wide structure that is at the heart of George R R Martin’s novels.
‘Visitors will be allowed to spend the night in some of the key locations – there will be campsites around Winterfell, for example, and a luxury hotel at Casterly Rock,’ the piece continued. ‘The plans raise the possibility of actors from the TV series making appearances, and suggest that Komodo dragons could be flown in from Indonesia and left to roam freely.’
Smith even speculated the cost of the whole project, the brainchild of Yousef Bin Had, chief executive of Fropal Oil – yes, You’s Have Been Had – would be an estimated $12billion.
And the great thing about Dubai is that maybe, just maybe, it’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds. Of course, a full scale replica might be pushing it, but we’re certain in Dubai, anything is possible. 

Read the original story from Telegraph here. 
Map courtesy of The Telegraph.

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