Dubai Steps construction project announced

Time Out has news of the Dubai Steps construction project announced by Dubai Municipality, as well as Vertical Industrial City and more

Dubai just does things better and more fun, doesn't it? And nothing bears that out more than this latest construction announcement .

So step forward, literally, Dubai Steps, revealed by the Dubai Municipality on Tuesday night as one of four new projects given approval by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Details of the bold new structure are limited, but early renderings suggest an inclined protruding building much like a staircase reaching high into the sky, with each platform acting as a viewing deck of sorts. And we think it looks spectacular.

The images, released on Dubai Municipality's official Twitter account, also appear to show greenery and water features as part of the 20 individual tiers and 500 steps. The steps are said to symbolise 'the challenges faced by Dubai and the emirate's progress', according to The National.

A town square, complete with obelisk-like monument, sits at the base, while a network of roads are shown going under and around the three main points at which the Dubai Steps touch the ground.

As for location, a body of water not-too-dissimilar to The Creek lies in the background, while one of the images has what looks like the Burj Khalifa some way in the distance.

As well as Dubai Steps, the Dubai Municipality also confirmed a new five-hectare Convention Centre, as part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library development, as well as The Hardware and Bicycles Warehouse in Warsan, which is said to feature plans for 100 shops and 53 bicycle showrooms. It will open in September.

Furthermore there was confirmation of a golf course called Gulf Safari Project which will house a giant golf-training academy across a third of the 100-hectare site, and the Vertical Industrial City.

Less excitingly, but equally important was the announcement that the way sewage is handled is to be restructured with the repositioning of 121 pumping stations across the city. This will save energy and slash carbon emissions by 30 per cent.

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