Drivers could be fined if their car is too loud

Time Out has news of a new device to help catch bad drivers in Abu Dhabi. It has been revealed drivers could be fined if their car is too loud

Par for the course of living in the UAE is being woken up in the early hours by the roar of a supped up car engine whizzing round the streets.

But that could soon be a thing of the past after it was announced that new sensors will be set up in built up areas of Abu Dhabi to catch those making unnecessarily loud noises.

A fining system hasn’t been disclosed, but according to The National, the roadside devices will capture the license plates of offending cars as they drive by.

The terrific new contraption, thought to be a world first, is the handy work of Captain Ahmed Al Muhairi, head of safety at Abu Dhabi traffic police.

Speaking to the national, Sharjah based industrial engineering professor Salaheddine Bendak, said: “Traffic noise is considered a health hazard in Dubai and Riyadh, with the traffic noise levels being 69 and 80 decibels.

"I think it’s fair to assume Abu Dhabi traffic noise levels are similar to those of Dubai and this is a big health issue that needs to be addressed. Such a new technology would be a step in the right direction."

Most major cities around the world regulate the problem already, with the UK limiting noise to 74 decibels with the target of bringing that down across the whole of Europe to a maximum of 68 decibels. In the USA that figure can reach as high as 90 decibels.

There was no official word on whether the system would be rolled out in Dubai, too, but it is likely to be greeted warmly by those who suffer at the hands of over-the-top engine revers.

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