Nissan GT-R world record stunt in UAE - video

Time Out Dubai carries the Nissan GT-R world record stunt in UAE - video. See Masato Kawabata's incredible video and find out more about drifting

What an amazing run Dubai and the UAE is on. If they're not announcing groundbreaking and brilliant new structures, they're turning waterparks into skateparks (thanks Red Bull and Atlantis). And if it's not utterly beautiful floating villas, its high-octane videos of extreme sports stunts.

And in keeping with the theme, we have another world record to applaud.

Released this week, Nissan Middle East have garnered almost two million views on YouTube with the seriously cool high-speed drifting clip, featuring the fastest ever drift.

Shot recently at Fujairah International Airport, Masato Kawabata world record sees the Japanese driver control his customised, special tuned Nissan GT-R at 30 degrees while hitting a top speed of 304.96kph. In fact, he reaches 350kph at one point, though that's when flat out.

The 90-second video is typical of the stream of cool clips coming out of the UAE, rich in production values and ripe for sharing. As well as the record itself, it cuts to other Nissan milestones, including victories at the iconic Le Mans 24hr and other motoring feats. It's certainly one for petrol heads.

Oh, and for those who have no idea what is 'drifting' is, the definitive website in the topic, describes it as: "Drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses the throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a state of oversteer while manoeuvring from turn to turn. Drifters emphasise car control by coordinating the amount of countersteer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns. Furthermore, they strive to achieve this while adhering to the standard racing lines (or designated 'clipping points' if drifting in competition) and maintaining extreme slip angles."


Check it out below

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