Photo 'shows UFO in UAE' - but what was it?

Time Out has news as a photo emerges of 'UFO in UAE' - but what was it? Dubai Astronomy Group say 'trick of the light', according to 7Days

A Dubai resident has claimed she saw a UFO in the skies over the UAE, sending social media into a frenzy.

Dulanka Bandara, a 34-year-old Sri Lankan housewife, says she captured the image while driving along Al Khail Road towards Burj Khalifa on Saturday, and was left convinced it was the work of extraterrestrials.

The picture published in 7Days shows a dome like light atop a funnel of air, rising up from the ground towards the sky. To be fair, it certainly isn't something you see everyday. A second image from another angle looks less convincing.

Speaking exclusively to the newspaper, Bandara said: "I’m sure it’s a UFO. If you look at the shape of the object and the beam that’s shooting down, you can tell it’s a spaceship. They probably have visited us before many times but they have the ability to be visible or become invisible when they wish.

"I have never seen a UFO before, but I’ve heard about them many times, so there is a possibility that they have discovered our planet a long time ago and now they have come to Dubai."

According to reports, around five similar claims are made in the UAE every year, although explanations such as trick of the light are found for most. Sometimes it's just a simple case of the claimant using Photoshop.

In this case, 7Days report Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, putting the curious image down to the way a lamppost way captured from the moving car.

"The approach we take [to these claims] is that first we gather all of the information and then we make a deep analysis of the photo and there is always a camera glitch that explains why the 'object' is there," he explained to the newspaper.


This story first appeared in 7Days. Read the full story here

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