Dubai officially home to world's fastest fire engines

Time Out has news the souped-up Corvette Stingrays used by Dubai Fire Service makes Dubai officially home to world's fastest fire engines

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Dubai’s firefighters are taking tackling blazes to the next level after it was revealed their souped-up Corvette Stingrays are set to be officially recognised as the world’s fastest fire engines.

Not content with have the quickest cop cars on Earth, Dubai Civil Defence has asked Guinness World Records to register the customised supercars as second to none in the emergency services stakes.

Specially modified to hit speeds of up to 210mph, you might have seen these funky motors patrolling the city’s motorways already.

Lieutenant Colonel Hussain Al Rahoomi, Head of the Station Affairs Department at Dubai Civil Defense, says that two of the Dhs500,000 Stingrays are already in operation and the plan is to double that amount by the end of the year.

In fact, the beasts have already come into their own during emergencies on our major highways, eclipsing the response time of the rather cumbersome engines more regularly in use.

As well as being supercharged, the cars have been modified to include monitoring devices to keep track of any issues on the roads and are fitted with fire extinguishers and first aid equipment.

Al Rahoomi says he has a positive response from Guinness, which has confirmed “there is no registered fire truck that with the same specifications as ours”.

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