Dubai at night photo posted by Tim Peake

Time Out has an amazing picture of Dubai from Flickr. The Dubai at night photo posted by Tim Peake shows the whole emirate, including The Palm

We spent a lot of our time in Dubai looking up, and with good reason. The largely cloudless sky and sunsets - not to mention the skydivers over Dubai Marina - and the stunning architecture built high above us all make for a brilliant spectacle.

Of course we spend a bit of time looking down on it all from some of the world's highest - and best - bars, restaurants and venues.

But for all the majesty within our gaze there remains something spectacular about viewing it all from space. Which is why Astronaut Tim Peake is fast becoming our favourite member of the Twitterati.

On Tuesday night, the British spaceman, who over the weekend set a record for quickest ever marathon (26.2 miles/42.2 km) run in space, posted a picture of our wonderful home at night.

The view, taken from on board the International Space Station, shows the entire city, from Sharjah all the way down to Jebel Ali and as far back across the Arab Peninsula as the Sevens Stadium.

A number of brilliant landmarks can all be made out, most notably The Palm, The Creek and JA Port. What can you recognise?

In the caption on his Flickr account, Peake revealed the image was shot with a Nikon D4 400mm f/2.8. He captioned it with: "Here’s Dubai at night – always easy to recognise!"


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