Six Flags Dubai is confirmed - first pictures and details

Time Out has amazing news for fans of theme parks in Dubai. That's right, Six Flags Dubai is confirmed - first pictures and details here

The first images of what Six Flags Dubai will look like have been released.

Renderings made available this week show detailed images of sky-high towers, looping roller coasters and more of a park they say will open in late 2019.

Described as the 'second phase of the Dubai Parks and Resorts development initiative... Six Flags Dubai will feature record-breaking roller coasters, spectacular shows and interactive attractions synonymous with Six Flags'.

The news is not entirely new, with the iconic theme park brand having first been lined up for a spot in the Middle East almost a decade ago.

However, in the last few months information has been filtering out about this particular project, which will be kickstarted around the time the first phase of Dubai Parks And Resorts is opened, in October this year.

Now it has emerged Six Flags Dubai will be designed in partnership with FORREC, and feature a fully air-conditioned area, a state-of-the-art entrance promenade, and 27 rides and attractions.

Thrill-seekers can, according to the official website, enjoy:
- best-in-class roller coasters
- soaring tower rides
- thrilling water slides
- out-of-this-world virtual reality experiences
- next generation 4-D interactive dark ride.
- spectacular lights dancing in the nighttime sky

"Through this collaborative partnership with Dubai Parks and Resorts, we are excited to bring innovation, entertainment and unmatched thrills to the GCC," said John Odum, President of Six Flags International Development Co, in a statement.

"As the largest regional theme park company in the world, we are dedicated to showcasing Six Flags Dubai as a world-class, one-of-a-kind theme park."

Website have also speculated about what might be included in the park, judging by the renderings made available.  In their breakdown of the press release, they claim to be able to see the 'Funtime Star Flyer' (pictured above), Mack Boomerang Splash, S&S 4D Free Fly and Zamperla Disk'O. Most excitingly, they also believe the 'next generation 4D dark ride' could be much like the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis (below) currently installed at Six Flags Texas.

Pictures from Six Flags Dubai.

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