Dubai planted 56 million flowers in 2015

Time Out Dubai finds out how the municipality of Dubai planted 56 million flowers in 2015, with beautiful pictures of the city in full bloom.

Dubai Municipality is reaping the rewards of its hard work, and these beautiful photos are testament to that.

The government body’s landscaping department planted a staggering 56 million flowers all over Dubai’s roads and parks in 2015, senior specialist Yasan Awad has announced.

Reinforcing the city’s belief in achieving the unachievable, landscapers have brought in flower species of Dutch, Italian, Japanese and North American origin and made them blossom in one of the world’s hottest cities.

They have in fact all been locally harvested in Dubai’s nursery greenhouses, which span an incredible 10,000 square meters.

Some of the 120 species used across the city include Petunia, Tagetes (marigold), Zinnia, Vinca, Salvia, Antirrhinum, Pelargonium, Ageratum and Alyssum.

There is more to Awad’s thinking than just adorning the city with ornate floral arrangements that are pleasing on the eye.

“Colours have a big impact on an individual’s state of mind and mood,” the landscaping expert was quoted as saying by Emirates247.

“For example, for the roads that see huge traffic, we try to select colours that will calm and boost happiness and positive energy and reduce stress caused by traffic.

"On the other hand, on highways we choose colours that reflect energy, passion, joy and power."

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