Sandstorm expected to hit UAE today

Time Out has information on a Dubai sandstorm expected to hit on Thursday June 9. Dubai drivers have been warned to pay special attention

If you’re going to be driving in the UAE today (Thursday) be extra careful as the national weather bureau has announced a sandstorm is likely to sweep across town.

Those who have driven in similar weather conditions before will know that visibility can be very poor, making it essential to reduce your speed and keep an even bigger distance between cars than usual.

And a word of warning: just because it is not windy outside, doesn't mean the sand isn't coming - storms such as this normally creep in, enveloping the city slowly, turning day into night.

In fact, the Weather Channel says the average wind speed on Thursday will be 31kilometres per hour (we've fact-checked it and that's classified as a 'fresh breeze' on the Beaufort scale). That said, we'd be surprised if we end up with a scenario like the one below:

For all the beautiful weather we enjoy in Dubai, winds have been known to reach hurricane force level (that’s 119km/h!). If it weren’t for the knowhow of experts like the ones in the video below, gusts could actually bend or break the foundations of Burj Al Arab:

Rarely, though, do the two collide and result in the famous scenes from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

So while we echo the warning from the weather authority about driving safely, we do suggest taking a look at Tom Cruise in action, heroically dealing with a 'Dubai sandstorm' from the film and being thankful it's not going to be that bad.

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