Burj Khalifa-themed bottled water in Dubai to sell for Dhs700

Time Out reports on Burj Khalifa-themed bottled water in Dubai to sell for Dhs700 plus pictures of the most expensive water bottles in the world

In a land where water can be more expensive than petrol, it’s perhaps no coincidence that someone has created a bottle from which to pour H20 in the most flamboyant of ways.

Danish inventor Tayseer Hadi, a resident of Dubai, came up with the idea for a carafe shaped like the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

It may not be an exact replica of the majestic skyscraper in terms of size, but at half a metre in height it dwarfs all bottles of water we’re used to seeing.

Made of K9 crystal, it will include LED lights in its removable base to give the water contained inside a subzero blue glow.

Although its primary purpose will be to serve as a souvenir, the actual water will be shipped over from Iceland.

At Dhs700 ($190) a piece, they outprice any other water bottle on the high street but the beauty below, Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, is the world’s most expensive, coming in at a whopping Dhs2.2 million.

If that’s left you feeling a bit disappointed, wait until you hear about Hadi’s imminent plans.

"I'm hoping for another Burj Khalifa bottle of about seven metres and 28 centimetres in height."

This one will be a fully platinum version of the Burj Khalifa bottle covered with one carat diamonds and sparkling diamond dust.

The Danish creator is planning on auctioning off his next big creation at the “first water bottle charity event” alongside three solid gold bottles.

"When I first came to Dubai, I was sitting in a restaurant wondering why everyone was drinking Voss and Evian water,” Hadi was quoted as saying by Kaleej Times.

“Why doesn't Dubai have a water that represents Dubai?

“It suddenly hit me that I should make a water bottle in the shape of the Burj Khalifa."

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Burj Khalifa Water will compete against some other extremely pricey water bottles that already exist around the world. Here they are:

FINE – $5 PER 750 ML




10 THOUSAND BC- $14 PER 750 ML

VEEN – $23 PER 750 ML

BLING – $40 PER 750ML

FILLICO- $219 PER 750 ML


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