Flying cars in the UAE? Not quite, levitating pods

Time Out finds out if the rumours are true: Flying cars in the UAE? Not quite, levitating pods, a Nasa invention announced for Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island

EID brunches in Dubai
EID brunches in Dubai
EID brunches in Dubai
EID brunches in Dubai

So we all had a good laugh when in 2015 movie buffs dug up all the Back To The Future II predictions of what the world would be like and compared it to present-day reality in terms of technological advancements.

Some forecasts were pretty much spot on. Flying cars sadly not.

However (drum roll, please), the next best thing is coming to the UAE.

‘Floating’ or ‘levitating’ pods have been approved as a means of transport for Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island (more pictures in the gallery above).

They are two-seater, jet-like vehicles that use maglev, which stands for magnetic levitation, as a replacement for our run-of-the-mill wheel (invented during the Stone Age, by the way).

Abu Dhabi developer Miral Leisure signed the deal with SkyTran — a company created by the US’s iconic space agency Nasa.

So when the highly-anticipated Warner Bros World theme park opens on Yas Island in 2018, expect to see visitors there and all around Yas Island zipping around in ultramodern flying eggs. Doesn’t get much more futuristic than that!

“While we continue to build world-class destinations and expand Yas Island, it is imperative that we are able to implement an urban transportation solution which is not only energy efficient but also adds another level of excitement to our visitors,” Mohamed Abdulla Al Zaabi, the chief executive of Miral, was quoted as saying by The National.

In fact, Miral plans to eventually link Yas Island to Abu Dhabi International Airport via this ground-breaking transportation means as SkyTran has ensured them that more tracks (resembling zip lines as you’ll see in the video below) can be added when needed.

Yas Island currently has about 25 million visitors a year thanks to attractions including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld and the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit.

When Warner's theme park opens, visitor numbers will be off the charts.

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