Video of human catapult stunt in Dubai

Time Out has an amazing video of human catapult stunt in Dubai with base jumpers Chris McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert thrown from a slingshot into the sky

Dubai is truly the world capital of gobsmacking stunts.

This time we have an Angry Birds rendition for you, only that it’s not feathered cartoons being launched into the air to destroy makeshift structures, it’s actual human beings!

Daredevils Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert took on the challenge, which involved being launched 300 feet into the Dubai sky, doing 0 to 125 miles per hour in just one single second (0 to 200 kph).

For the physicists out there, that’s 6 g’s of force, the average rollercoaster reaching 3 to 4 g’s at top speed.

As you’re about to see, the duo go up like a pair of ragdolls caught in a tornado.

And what goes up, must come down. We’ll leave you hanging until you watch the video.

You’ve got to admit that for that brief moment when they reach peak height, you wonder how the adrenaline-seeking duo are going to make it down.

Fortunately, Douggs and Jimmy are world-renowned base jumpers who made good use of their parachutes to head back to Planet Earth in one piece.

With the help of Skydive Dubai and Go Fast Energy, they were able to perform an unprecedented feat.

In response to questions posted by viewers commenting on the safety of the stunt, organizers responded: “There are many techniques these guys practiced to counter the intense G force.

'In addition, because of their horizontal position, the blood rushed to the back of their head instead of out their head (had they been positioned upright), hence lowering their chances of passing out.'

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