Dubai will build Desert Rose City, flower-shaped eco-city

Time out reports that Dubai will build Desert Rose City, flower-shaped eco-city, new information and picture

When you fly over Dubai in a few years’ time, it might not just be The Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands that you can spot from the airplane window.

The city may soon have another breath-taking development clearly visible from up in the desert skies: an eco-friendly mega-district shaped like flowers.

Dubbed Desert Rose City, the development was initially suggested in 2014 and has just been approved by Dubai Municipality.

According to initial reports, 75 percent of Desert Rose City will be residential.

The plan is to accommodate 160,000 residents who will work and live in this eco-friendly satellite city.

There will be 20,000 plots for building luxury homes for Emiratis and 10,000 affordable housing units for expats.

According to Dawood Al Hajiri, executive director of the municipality’s planning department, the smart city will be completely sustainable.

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It is likely to provide about 200 megawatts of electricity using photovoltaic roofs on homes and other buildings.

It will power its own transport and communications and have the resources to provide more than 40,000 cubic meters of recycled but still drinkable water.

We can also expect it to have a police station, mosques and other amenities, the focus always being on providing its future residents with everything they need on their doorsteps without having to commute into central Dubai.

Plenty of green spaces, fewer traffic jams, sounds pretty idyllic!

What we don’t know yet is where this utopia will be located and when it will be ready for us all to move into.

Fingers crossed it won’t take the project too long to blossom!

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