Dubai taxi drivers will need to pass an English test

Time Out has information on a new law stating Dubai taxi drivers will need to pass an English test

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If you’ve ever gotten a bit a ‘lost in translation’ with a taxi driver in Dubai you’re in luck, thanks to a new campaign by the city’s Road and Traffic Authority.

Even though native English speakers are often guilty of not being the most multilingual of people, Dubai is an international city and the two official languages are Arabic and English.

According to the RTA, 5,000 prospective drivers will have to sit the exam every year, a one-hour multiple-choice test consisting of 50 listening and 50 reading questions.

In fact, potential candidates will be tested in their home countries before they get their residence visas and Dubai taxi credentials.

They will also have to sit a psychometric assessment to guarantee they have the right professional attributes for the job.

This second test measures the driver’s customer service skills, problem solving abilities, resilience, initiative and overall attitude.

If they pass and they’re hired, they’ll receive 22 days of training once in Dubai, including more language proficiency tests.

So there you have it, getting your linguistic wires crossed with a Dubai taxi driver will soon be a thing of a past.

All you have to worry about now is making sure you have plenty of spare Dhs10 notes on you when they claim they haven’t got change for Dhs100!

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