Dubai Steps - more pictures and information released

Time Out has an update on the Dubai Steps construction project in Dubai as more pictures and information released via the Dubai Media Office Twitter.

New details have emerged of the brilliant Dubai Steps monument, as well as new artist impressions of the project.

Details were posted on Dubai Media Office's official Twitter account, revealing the probable location, height and purpose of the eye-catching giant staircase.

Information was vague back in April when the Dubai Steps was one of several big announcements by the Dubai Municipality - alongside the five-hectare Convention Centre, and The Hardware and Bicycles Warehouse in Warsan - but now we know the 25-storey structure will reach 100 metres into the sky from near Union Square.

In a story shared by Dubai Media Office from Arabic website, the Assistant Director General for Engineering and Planning at Dubai Municipality revealed it would take no more than a year to construct the 500-step tower.

Launching out from a town square, complete with obelisk-like monument, the Dubai Steps will have five dedicated rest and event areas (every 100 steps) for those tackling the long walk to the top.

It's overall purpose is three-fold, for sport, recreation or relaxation. That means we can expect Rocky-style athletes pounding their way to the summit, or families stopping at 100 steps for a picnic among greenery and water features.

In April, The National reported steps were to symbolise 'the challenges faced by Dubai and the emirate's progress'.

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