Whale shark seen during scubadiving in Dibba - video

Time Out has the video after footage emerged of a number of whale shark seen during scubadiving in Dibba. See pictures of sharks near Dubai

One of the most insightful videos of whale sharks in the Arabian Gulf has been posted to Facebook by a UAE scuba group.

Filmed in early July off the coast of Dibba, the five-minute footage from Divers Down UAE has been viewed almost 10,000 times. It shows the four-metre long non-threatening beasts most likely on the hunt for food.

Shot by amateur diver Mathieu Pique, who was at about six to eight metres down, it shows them intrigued by the presence of humans, rather than in anyway threatened, or threatening.

"There were two big shadows in the water, one surrounded by other small fish and the other was swimming alone," Mr Pique said.

"They were swimming and enjoying it as much as we were. They were moving smoothly and we all had the opportunity to see them more than once on that day."

Whale sharks are not a danger to humans - choosing to eat plankton and smaller fish - although their size can startle divers when they come across them in warmer waters.

The largest ever captured was a staggering 40 feet (12 metres), while the average is closer to half that.

Speaking to The National, Michela Colella, operations manager at Divers Down, said: "We saw two on Thursday at around 12.30pm but it was only a short visit, not more than five minutes.

"On Friday, we hoped for the best and went at around 10am to the same diving site and that’s when we were visited by three big whale sharks that stayed for around 15 minutes. We saw them again at 1pm and 4pm."

It is almost a year since footage of a whale shark in Dubai Marina after it first appeared on Time Out Dubai.

Captured by the pedestrian walkway on the opposite side to the iconic Cayan Tower, it was seen by workers at the nearby Marina Plaza.

Even that wasn't the first time a whale shark has been spotted in the waters of Dubai, with videos on YouTube reportedly showing the same in 2006, 2011 and 2013.

Similarly, in 2008, a four-metre long whale shark, later named Sammy, was rescued from a a lagoon in Jebel Ali and nursed back to health at the Atlantis, The Palm aquarium.

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