Latest Jetman Dubai video: stuntmen play in the clouds

Time Out has the latest Jetman Dubai video: stuntmen play in the clouds, as the flying duo suggest their next stunt will involve a hot air balloon

Imagine that your day job involves having to register yourself as an airplane.

As bizarre as it sounds, this is part and parcel of fifty-five-year-old Ives Rossy’s life, especially when he straps on his jetpack outfit in countries that haven’t had to deal with a real life Superman before.

Dubaians are by now familiar with Jetman Dubai’s otherworldly skills but most of us still can’t get enough of his sky pirouettes.

His latest video sees him team up with his protégé Vince Reffet for a game of cat and mouse in the clouds.

And the GoPro footage of the flight is simply amazing:

Flying through the skies of Dubai and other parts of the world at speeds in excess of 200kph has become kind of normal for the jetpack duo.

They’ve raced an Airbus A380, beaten world records and Reffet even proposed to his fiancée while powering through the sky.

In a recent Instagram post, the pair allude to a new stunt involving a hot air balloon.

Whatever the finer details are, it’s bound to be ground-breaking, given that Rossy and Reffet are the only two people on the planet pulling off these kinds of jetpack stunts.

You can see the men behind the jetpacks in this hilarious interview with US chatshow host Conan O'Brien.

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