Will Smith in Dubai - best pictures and quotes

Time Out has news on Will Smith in Dubai - best pictures and quotes of his recent visit for the launch of his film Suicide Squad in the UAE


Dubai doesn’t really need a celebrity ambassador, but if the gig came up you can be fairly confident Will Smith would be at the front of the queue with his application form.

The Hollywood superstar was in town on Sunday promoting his newest film, the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, and Time Out was at the press conference he gave at the Mall of the Emirates’ VOX Cinemas.

Have no doubt about it, he’s just as charming and affable in the flesh as he is on screen, cracking jokes and making the crowd of journalists surrounding him feel more like they were chatting to a friend than to the one-and-only Fresh Prince.

One thing became evident from the start- Will Smith is still in love with Dubai (he’s been here on countless occasions) and as he answered questions from the press, he left a string of memorable quotes about our city which we’ve summarised for you right here:

“My two favourite cities in the world are Miami and Dubai. Maybe I’ll have to make a ‘Welcome to Dubai’ song one day.”

“Dubai dreams the way I dream. When I first landed here 15 years ago, I thought to myself ‘that’s how I would build a city if I was building a city!’”

“I love the energy of progress here...the design, the ideas, everything has to be the best and I love that energy.”

“I have to give a shout out to SkyDive Dubai. I brought my kids here and we jumped out together. I’ve jumped probably five times so that’s hands down my favourite activity."

After his press conference at Mall of the Emirates, Smith attended numerous events across the city, greeting fans and taking selfies with them (see photo gallery below).

About Smith's latest movie

Set to be the flagship franchise for DC Comics in its ongoing battle with Marvel on the big screen, Suicide Squad tells the tale of a gaggle of dangerous villains thrown together by a secret government agency to defeat an altogether more threatening foe.

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