Instagram Stories launches for Dubai users

Time Out has everything you need to know as Instagram Stories launches for Dubai users, the new Instagram tool to rival Snapchat

Serial Instagrammers, if you thought your obsession with the photo app was reaching a level of concern, then you’re in for a very special treat.

Instagram is launching a new feature called Instagram Stories that makes it easy to capture and share your daily moments, without worrying about filters or captions.

This new feature allows photos and videos to appear in your personal story for 24-hours only, without clogging up your actual Instagram timeline. So if you want to spam your followers with food photos at the next Friday brunch, make sure you capture it all in a rolling format of your Instagram Story.

This global launch will roll out in the Middle East from August 2, on iOS and Android devices, and will only appear on Instagram’s 9.0 update (available now).


With Instagram Stories, users are able to post unlimited photos and 10-second videos as part of their “story”. However, their followers will not be able to comment or double-tap the entries that are part of the stories.

Similar to how Snapchat Story works, users will be able to customise their photos and videos with emoticons and neon pen drawings on Instagram Stories as well; and these stories can also be saved in the camera roll for future ’gramming.

At this stage, users are not able to hide their stories from a bulk of followers, instead, they have the option to manually hide the photos and videos from their story from selective followers.

The stories of everyone you follow will appear in a chronological order at the top of the landing page on the Instagram app, and disappear in 24 hours. Will you use this new feature?


We were granted an exclusive play on the new tool this afternoon. Here's what our social media editor Shitika Anand thought: "Time Out Dubai was one of the first in the region to have a play around with this exciting new tool, and we were hooked. Even though Instagram Stories boasts similar features to another photo app, it does make it a lot easier to share favourite moments with a curated audience. Unlike Snapchat, we knew exactly who our “stories” were being reached out to, i.e. our followers. And it’s very easy to look for other people’s stories too. The neon pen feature was pretty fun to play around with – and we feel it’s going to tease everyone’s inner sci-fi geek too."

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