XDubai video shows parkour at Madinat Jumeirah

Time Out has the new viral video of Dubai. Check it out - XDubai video shows parkour at Madinat Jumeirah, by professional freerunner Kie Willis

XDubai have broken new ground once again by teaming up Jumeirah to showcase one of the UAE's most iconic landmarks.

The brilliant new video stars Kie Willis, a professional freerunner and parkour athlete, who’s usually based in London but who has a habit of hopping and climbing around Dubai as well.

It kicks off with some amazing aerial drone footage of Madinat Jumeirah, the region's best loved and emblematic souk, packed full of luxury shops and hotels in a maze of narrow Arabian passageways. The camera then pans to Willis as he gazes over the rooftops, planning his adventure.

And he's off! The XDubai freerunner effortlessly scrambles up terracotta buildings and leaps from one roof terrace to another, the ten metre drop to the ground below not fazing him even for a split second.

Cameramen scattered around Madinat Jumeirah capture his immaculate run, everything from somersaults to rolls and other moves that look like they’re straight out of a Jackie Chan movie.

Speaking about the shoot, Willis said: "We were shooting for XDubai and were just trying to gather as much Dubai based content as we could, this looked like it would be really cool.

"I always go to the location beforehand to check the feasibility of the stunts before I attempt them. There’s so much analysis that goes into the stunts, even with low level ones. It’s important I train in how to fall safely if I do overshoot a jump and when it comes to taking things to height, I reduce the risk as much as possible.

"Everything is well within my physical, mental and technical capabilities so that there isn’t any true risk in what I’m doing. It’s not thrill seeking, it’s all very carefully calculated. I’ve done hundreds of thousands of jumps at ground level to learn exactly how I can jump and control it, then I just apply that and rationalise it as much as I can in high level situations."

And on what fans can expect from his collaboration in the future, he added: "Dubai is definitely one of my favourite places for parkour and I visit around four times per year. We have a lot of new ideas for the city but I’m not allowed to tell you what they are just yet."

Regarding XDubai, we're also waiting patiently for whatever comes of a cheeky post last month showing a wingsuit flight over Dubai Marina.

From the spectacular Burj Khalifa base jump, to the awesome zipline over Dubai Fountains, they sure know how to 'go viral'. We can't wait for the next one...


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