Small earthquake felt in UAE

Time Out reports on the small earthquake felt in UAE that struck near Dibba in Fujairah. Find out about Dubai's protection against earthquakes

An earthquake has been reported as having struck the land around the UAE.

Coming in at 2.6 on the Richter scale, the tremors hit to the north of Dibba in Fujairah on the east coast of the country early on Monday morning.

The effects of the shudders have been minimal, with no reports of injuries or structure damage. A similar quake in February this year was described as feeling like a heavy truck passing near them.

While the UAE does not sit on a fault line, there have been incidents in the past where nearby seismic movements have been felt on land. In May 2014, tremors from a 5.1-magnitude earthquake tha struck Iran led to many buildings across the city being evacuated.

But thanks to Dubai's strict building regulations that require buildings of 10 floors or higher to be built to withstand a magnitude-5.9 earthquake, no significant structural damage or injuries were experienced.

The quake itself hit in what was described at the time as a 'an earthquake-prone area where light to moderate quakes are routine happenings', near Qeshm Island some 120km north of Ras Al Khaimah.

Earlier that year, repercussions of a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan’s southwestern region were felt in the UAE.

But residents of Dubai should not be unduly concerned. In June last year, it was reported in The National that towers like the world's tallest, Burj Khalifa, as well as Dubai World Trade Centre, the city's original skyscraper, had adopted an earthquake-detection system to help determine when to evacuate highly populated areas.

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