Six Flags Dubai to have world's biggest roller coaster

Time Out has news Six Flags Dubai to have world's biggest roller coaster, when the theme park in Dubai opens in 2019 at Dubai Parks & Resorts

Just as Dubai is gearing up to open its first two theme parks in the space of one year, it’s been announced that by 2019 the city will have the largest roller coaster on the planet at Six Flags, another of the upcoming amusement parks set to transform the entertainment offer in the UAE.

And it’s not just hearsay we’re using as a source. None other than the prestigious Wall Street Journal has just reported that Six Flags “has pledged to build the world’s biggest roller-coaster ride in Dubai”.

Currently, the biggest roller coaster in the world is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in the US. It measures a staggering 139 metres in height. Here are some images and a video of the record-breaking ride:

The news comes a month after construction work on Six Flags Dubai kicked off. There’s also the possibility that technology giants Samsung will use their latest virtual reality gear in tandem with the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster as they have done in Six Flags Texas.

That ride comes equipped with wireless headsets that make the high resolution imagery and 360-degree view of the ‘glasses’ even more real, not to mention the high speeds, twists and turns of the ride itself.

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The first images of what Six Flags Dubai will look like were released back in May, the renderings of sky-high towers, looping roller coasters and more of a park they say will open in late 2019.

Described as the 'second phase of the Dubai Parks and Resorts development initiative... Six Flags Dubai will feature record-breaking roller coasters, spectacular shows and interactive attractions synonymous with Six Flags'.

The iconic theme park brand, first lined up for a spot in the Middle East almost a decade ago, will be a fully air-conditioned area, have a state-of-the-art entrance promenade and 27 rides and attractions.

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