Dubai satellite captures stunning Yas Island image

Time Out shows of the best pictures shot from space. See as a Dubai satellite captures stunning Yas Island image, a beacon of the UAE

Dubai satellite captures stunning Yas Island image

Dubai's coastline is, without question, one of the very best, especially when viewed from above.

From The Palm to the World Islands, via the soon-come Dubai Water Canal, it is eye-catching as anything the Western world can offer.

However, special mention should certainly be made to the United Arab Emirates capital just down the road, if not for the man-made majesty but for the sheer complexity of the island city.

And now a Dubai satellite has highlighted just one part of it, Yas Island, delivering a stunning shot from more than 600km above the Earth. The spacecraft DubaiSat-2 was able to create the image during what is 14 different trips around the world every day, including four times over the UAE.

It shows the distinctive red expanse of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, as well as the lush greenery of Yas Links Golf Club. Twinned through all of it is the island's mangroves, waterways and on-going developments, including Warner Bros Theme Park.

According to The National, the true-colour photograph is a combination four separate images taken in red, green, blue and black-and-white bands. It is shot like this to help scientists analyise parts not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

The last time an image from DubaiSat-2 got everyone talking, it featured a colour-adapted shot of Discovery Gardens, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Islands, Emirates Golf Club and Springs to highlight the greening of Dubai.

In the image, all vegetation is marked in red, with concrete (buildings, roads etc) are light blue or grey.

The satellite will be slowly overtraken in 2018 by KhalifaSat, the first satellite built entirely by Emirati engineers, capable of delivering more detailed images from a higher-resolution camera.

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