Fuzziwig's Candy Factory is coming to Dubai

Time Out has pictures, video and information as it is announced that Fuzziwig's Candy Factory is coming to Dubai, with one store opening at The Beach

It won’t be long before every kid in Dubai gets to feel like Charlie in The Chocolate Factory. 

As for the adults, they’ll be able to take up the role of the eccentric Willy Wonka.
The September opening of two Fuzziwig’s Candy Factories in Dubai is set to cause a sugar rush of epic proportions across the city. 
Describing themselves as an amusement park-style sweet store, visitors can expect 500 plus varieties of candy, including chocolate, fudge and vintage sweets for younger and older generations to reminisce over.
According to their Facebook page, one of the Fuzziwig’s Candy Factories will open at The Beach shopping area in JBR.
You’ll be able to find pretty much every sweet under the sun and loads of the caramel, chocolate and fudge sold at other branches of Fuzziwig's around the world is made fresh on site every day. 
Visitors can look forward to taking tours around the factory-like candy store, with brightly coloured kilo after kilo of sugary sensations reaching up to the ceiling in the huge cylindrical dispensers.
And for those wondering what the name Fuzziwigs is all about, it comes from Charles Dickens’s character Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge’s kindhearted mentor.

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