'Man catapulted across Sheikh Zayed Road', video claims

Time Out asks you to decided after 'man catapulted across Sheikh Zayed Road', video claims. Watch the amazing Dubai Facebook viral video


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Turns out this was a brilliant marketing campaign by Careem!

A Facebook video appearing to show a man being catapulted from the roof of a tower in Dubai has sparked fierce debate about its legitimacy.

Starting with a view from a helipad seemingly opposite Dubai Marina Mall, the camera pans back to show a man already harnessed into a chair attached to a pulley system. Slowly, he is winched backwards before a series of beeps countdown until he is released.

Pausing for dramatic effect, the unnamed crew then watch as the daredevil is launched at high speed through two pillars towards what appears to be a giant catching net atop one of the Jumeirah Beach Residence towers.

However, the clip is cut without the impact being shown as panic-stricken crew members dash across screen apparently fearful the man has missed his target.

The 25-second piece of footage has been viewed more than 30,000 times in just a few hours, but debate rages as to whether it is legitimate.

Dana Ab is first to question exactly what happened, writing: 'I think he flew further than the net'. While Zeina F Assad added: 'Omg. Is this real??? What a crazy person'.

Neysayers included Omar Athamneh, who wrote: 'This is so fake', and Michael Billeh, who claimed the man feeatured 'has a parachute, this is fake.'.


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