Dubai featured in viral Michael Jackson dance video

Time Out gives you details on why Dubai is featured in viral Michael Jackson dance video

Twenty-five years after the King of Pop launched his iconic Black or White music video, there’s an epic rendition taking the internet by storm and we’re happy to say that Dubai is featured in it!

Macaulay Culkin may not be dancing in his room like he did in the original, but there is certainly one core message that has been replicated in this fantastic choreography: tolerance and multiculturalism.

Watched more than two million times on Facebook and nearly 150,000 on YouTube, the video shows dozens of professional dancers strutting their stuff to the words of Michael Jackson in a variety of famous locations from around the world.

This is how Dubai got its very special cameo.

Whereas the 1991 video shows MJ dancing with different ethnicities and races from around the world, this spin-off is set in Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Moscow and yes, you guessed right, Dubai!

Skip to minute 3:25 and you’ll see a duo of skilful male dancers doing the iconic Michael Jackson kick in the desert, with our amazing skyline in the background.

First uploaded on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29) by Tobias Ellehammer, the person who conceptualized the choreography, the video has the aim of reminding everyone of the King of Pop’s message of peace and racial unity.

“Today we celebrate the king of pop and everything he did for us,” Ellehammer wrote.

“Michael wanted to spread good in our world trying to change the bad and heal the world of some of its problems.

Unfortunately the world is still in a troubling state. In these times many people look at various links on social media and unfortunately react with fear, hatred and immediately close their arms.

There should be room for everyone in this world. No matter what you look like, what religion you have or where you come from. We are all one.

That's the purpose of this video. To remind all of us how incredibly important love and freedom is and to put something good out into this world.

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