Amazing photos of Dubai and the UAE taken from space

Time Out has amazing photos of Dubai and the UAE taken from space by Nasa astronauts

It’s hard to believe sometimes that 250 miles above in outer space, there’s a state-of-the-art science lab (with scientists on board!) looking down on Planet Earth.

Right now, the International Space Station is flying over the United Arab Emirates, and boy do they have a good view!

Italian astronaut Ignazio Magnani has been tweeting some beautiful images of the country at day and night, some of which quite literally shed some light on where there is ‘life’ in the UAE.

Aside from the obvious glare of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, it’s quite surprising to see Al Ain glowing so majestically.

Madinat Zayet road, the squiggly line seen in the top of the image, is also quite striking, as are the little pockets of light scattered across the emirates, highlighting that not everyone in the UAE lives in cities.

Magnani also took this fantastic photo of the sand island formations to the east of Abu Dhabi, which look to be Jananah, Marawah and Sir Baniyas islands among others.

Nasa’s International Space Station will continue its journey north west over Planet Earth, first hovering over south Iran and then Afghanistan.

Last March, another Nasa astronaut – Canadian Chris Hadfield – reached out to Time Out Dubai to share his stunning image of the UAE from space. If you want to see more of his breathtaking aerial photos (not all taken from outer space) click here.

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