Nol cards top up now available on your smartphone

Time Out has the news as it's announced Nol cards top up now available on your smartphone, making using the tram in Dubai, plus Metro and buses, easier

We’ve all been through this in Dubai: it’s rush hour and you’re late for a meeting.

You rush through the metro station, get to the barriers, only to find out that you don’t have enough money on your Nol card to go through.

So you turn your head to the counter and the ticket machines and, lo and behold, there’s a long enough queue to keep you hanging for more than an hour.

Even worse case scenario? You’re a bus user who needs to top up their card but there aren’t any top-up machines at any of the stops, nor any supermarkets close by that provide the service. Only choice is to get a taxi, or walk.

So here’s the good news. If you’re an Android user, you’ll soon be able to use the Roads and Transport Authority app to top up your Nol card from your phone.

Come October, the RTA will have updated the smart services on the app, allowing Nol card users to use their credit cards to pay for the top up, as well as NFC technology, which involves the transfer of data through contact (Nol card to smartphone).

Previously, the top up could only be done remotely through the Nol website and would not usually register the payment immediately. The top up process is in essence being streamlined and made more user friendly.

“The Smart Fare project uses NFC technology so you can tap and top up your Nol card on to your smartphone (Android devices) if you have installed the Public Transport Smart App,” RTA Director of Automated Fare Collection Khaled Al Awadi was quoted as saying by 7Days.

You will also be able to check your previous journeys through the app.

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