Dubai laws on rent and car insurance change to help consumer

Time Out has news that Dubai laws on rent and car insurance change to help consumer. Landlords will now need permission to create a property listing.

Despite the many perks that come with living in Dubai, there are certain trials and tribulations that come with the territory.

The two challenges Time Out is writing about today (don’t worry, both have brand-new silver linings) are dealing with inaccurate/bogus rental listings and having your car written off and not being given a replacement vehicle by your insurer.

The first point has probably affected the vast majority of us at some point in our lives in Dubai. You come across an ad for a flat that seems promising only to find out that the actual conditions are not the same as those stated – price, deposits, number of payments, commission, furniture, anything!

Worse still, there’s a small handful of dishonest property brokers and agencies in Dubai that give the rest of the people in the business a bad name by specializing in fraudulent practices and dodgy online listings.

All this is set to change as the Dubai Land Department has just launched new regulation that will force all property ads to require government approval before being listed.

Property brokers will have to apply for permits from the DLD, either through their website or on their new ‘Trakhees’ e-service system.

Set to come into force this Sunday, any flat or house listing that does not have a corresponding permit number will be “dismissed” and if they fail to comply legal action could be brought against them.

Now for the other piece of good news.

From January 1 2017, all insured drivers in the UAE will be provided with a replacement vehicle in the case that their pre-existing one is no longer roadworthy or under repair.

In other words, it will be mandatory for insurance companies to grant policyholders compensation which is equivalent to the cost of a replacement car after an accident for up to 10 days, at a value of up to Dh300 per day.

Up to now, not all drivers in Dubai and elsewhere would necessarily be given another car after a crash, it all depended on their insurance plan.

Another benefit of this new legislation is that drivers will now get liability for spouses, children and parents.

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