28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads

Time Out has details of 28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads, and the where they are monitoring queue jumping and other forms of dangerous driving

28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads
28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads Image #2
28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads Image #3
28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads Image #4
28 new hi-tech speed cameras on Dubai roads Image #5

Main roads have 28 new pairs of eyes on them after Dubai Police rolled out their latest highly-advanced radars, known as Mesta Fusion.

But these roadside cameras aren't your usual flashers, oh no; now any misdemeanour behind the wheel will be caught, with the devices being able to spot violations such as sudden swerving, jumping red lights and being in the wrong lane at busy intersections.

That means no more darting in at slip roads at the last minute, or waiting in the empty 'straight on' lane before darting left when the light turns green. Oh, and it can also catch tailgating!

And what's more, the Mesta Fusion will capture 10 seconds of video rather than still images, as previously capable.

Having been first mentioned back in June, Dubai Police have now launched with almost 30 at key areas such as City Centre Deira, Dubai Mall, Oud Metha Road, Al Wasl Road and Umm Suqiem, the rest of their introduction will be staggered as old cameras are replaced.

Speaking in 7Days about the new technology, Colonel Said Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said: "The new radar was chosen because it has the latest technology to catch motorists who think they are more important than others and choose to cut in line at traffic lights and junctions rather than wait their turn.

"Queue jumpers are the cause of many accidents as they often dart in line at the last minute with little regard for others. They don’t follow the traffic lane and surprise other motorists who were in the right lane."

According to official information, the Mesta Fusion works by monitoring vehicles as they approach rather than on the exit from the catchment area, reading speed and calculating distances.

The remaining list of camera locations is: Damascus Road; Mirdif bridge; Al Warqa; Al Hemriya; Clock Tower; Al Khazan; Al Mawakib School; Flower City.

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