Tough new penalties for tram violations in Dubai

Time Out has details on tough new penalties for tram violations in Dubai, including fines and possible jail sentences

Anyone caught jumping a red light while trying to beat the Dubai tram at an intersection will lose their driving licence for three months.

Offenders will also have to pay a fine of Dhs5,000.

The legislation is part of a brand-new crackdown on common road violations in Dubai.

Dubai Traffic Prosecution’s head Salah Bu Farousha has stressed how reckless driving around the tram can be particularly dangerous as any potential accident could put many lives at risk.

Causing a traffic accident with casualties will therefore lead to a fine of between Dhs5,000 and Dhs15,000.

If the accident causes fatalities, the amount to be paid will be of anything between Dhs15,000 and Dhs30,000. The driver at fault will also see his or her licence revoked for between six months and three years and may well face a jail sentence of up to three years.

The maximum penalty for jumping a red light under previous legislation was the issuance of 12 black points, as well as a Dhs800 fine and the confiscation of the vehicle in question for up to 30 days.

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