Dubai Future Foundation video of Earth orbiting the sun

Time Out has the Dubai Future Foundation video of Earth orbiting the sun, released alongside NASA to inspire Arab scientists and astronauts

For a country that’s officially only 45 years old, the UAE’s push to be the world’s most forward-thinking country is straight up admirable.

Part of this nationwide campaign includes space travel and Dubai Future Foundation’s Mostaqbal initiative has decided to address the UAE’s stratospheric ambitions in true style.

Together with the North American Space Agency (NASA), they’ve filmed a video aimed at inspiring a new generation of Arab scientists to take on the country’s future space mission.

The video is a rare live-feed of planet Earth as it orbits the sun. You’re better off watching it when you have some time on your hands in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the footage.

Switch off the lights, go full screen and prepare to be dazzled!

Lasting 15 minutes in total, it was filmed from the International Space Station with state-of-the-art equipment.

The video was posted online less than a week ago but it’s already been liked more than 23,000 times and watched some 311,000 times.

Also worth noting is the fact that the International Space Station’s orbit around the Earth is approximately 354 kilometers long, a trip which it does at a staggering 27,700 kph.

That means it crosses Planet Earth’s orbit in just 92 minutes, which in turn allows the astronauts on board to witness about 16 sunsets a day!

If you know anyone in Dubai or elsewhere in the Emirates who’s fascinated by this kind of stuff, send the video over to them! Maybe one day they’ll be the first UAE astronaut in space.

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