Now you can fly through Dubai Marina with new 360 video

Time Out Dubai shows you how now you can fly through Dubai Marina with new 360 video by XDubai and Dubai360

XDubai just keep outdoing themselves!

The fearless crew have partnered up with Dubai360 and shot a video that offers the most realistic view of what it’s like to fly in a wingsuit.

Remember when Time Out reported on the insane wingsuit flight four XDubai daredevils performed through the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina?

Well, the video below puts viewers in the shoes (or wings rather) of the brave fliers who pulled off this incredible stunt.

Appropriately dubbed “be your own pilot”, the video gives YouTubers a 360-view of the epic flight, giving them the chance you to change the view to see what’s behind, above to the sides and below (don’t get vertigo, it’s a long way down!).

If you're watching on a desktop. Google Chrome usually works better. Don't forget to change your view in the top left corner1

If you’re watching it on your phone you’ll be able to switch your view by turning and tilting your phone and if you have VR head gear, then hook your mobile up and prepare for one heck of a ride!

XDubai spent months planning the extreme stunts with pro jumpers Noah Bahnson, Micah Couch, Greg Shelton and Julian Boulle, with safety playing a paramount part in the process.

Famed for their utterly brilliant stunt clips featuring some of the most adrenaline-seeking athletes in the world, the team have raised the bar with this latest clip.

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