Dubai buses get safer thanks to facial recognition technology

Time Out reports on how Dubai buses get safer thanks to facial recognition technology. Are taxis next?

If you’ve ever felt that your Dubai bus driver was too tired or distracted to be behind the wheel, there’s a new technology in the city that will no doubt put many commuters’ minds at ease.

Known as Raqeeb, it’s a smart facial recognition system that is capable of identifying when bus drivers are using their mobile phones, falling asleep or displaying any other behaviour that shows they’re in no fit state to be driving.

The technology uses smart cameras and sensors installed on the buses that can actually pick out the wrong kind of body language and facial expressions.

Judging by the video below, both the drivers and the traffic monitors in the central control room get an alert message if any suspicious behaviour is happening.

According to Emirates news agency WAM, initial studies show an 88 percent drop in exhaustion cases, presumably because drivers are being asked to rest once the software recognizes their fatigue.

Dubai is the first city in the world to introduce such a ground-breaking and potentially life-saving technology.

The question that remains is - Will taxi drivers be next?

Long shifts understandably result in fatigue, a problem that can become more acute for Muslim drivers who are fasting during Ramadan.

What do you think? Should taxis have the same facial recognition system to prevent road accidents?

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