A Dubai man has won free supply of petrol for a year

Time Out reports on the Dubai man who has won free supply of petrol for a year thanks to a Beam Wallet competition, a phone app to pay for fuel

A Dubai man has won free supply of petrol for a year

Even though fuel is very cheap in Dubai, who wouldn´t want to dock off petrol costs from their monthly spending?

One lucky expat in the city has achieved just that thanks to a campaign by Beam, a phone app which allows users to pay for the petrol they´ve just put in their cars through their mobiles.

Mitch Williams from South Africa won Beam Wallet´s competition, which will see him fuel up for free for the next 365 days.

“I installed the app and now every time I come to the ENOC petrol station I use it, it´s the easiest way,” he told a Beam interviewer. 

The biggest advantage to using Beam for fuel payment is that there's need to get out of your car to pay at the till.   

According to their Facebook page, Beam Wallet can also be used to pay at a growing number of shops, supermarkets and restaurants. 

Contactless payment - a fairly new payment method which allows credit cards to just be tapped against the card machine- is starting to take off in Dubai.

In fact, Emirates NBD was the first bank to launch the futuristic scheme with a new range of credit cards back in August.

If contactless payment becomes the preferred means of payment for everything in the UAE, the incessant problem of “sorry Sir/Madam, I have no change” may well become a thing of the past.

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