More Dubai metro trips to ease rush-hour congestion

Time Out has details as it’s announced there will be 276 more Dubai metro trips to ease rush-hour congestion

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If you’ve ever experienced Dubai metro in peak hours, you’ll know it can get pretty cramped.

For many people in the city, these uncomfortable rides are part of their daily commute.

In fact, many metro users find themselves having to skip trains due to lack of space, especially on the increasingly busy Red Line.

Fortunately for them and everybody else who’s not a fan of crowds, Dubai’s Road and Traffic Authority has just announced they will introduce 276 more weekly metro trips to lessen rush hour congestion.

Starting on Sunday October 23, there will be 154 additional trips on the Red Line and 122 on the Green Line.

Many of these will be short trips to and from the busiest stations during rush hour.

#RTA will increase the number of Metro trips on the Red & Green lines (1/4)#RTANews RTA (@RTA_Dubai) October 22, 2016

According to RTA stats from 2015, some 31,000 people use Dubai metro in the mornings and 53,000 do in the evenings, illustrating that it’s the rush back home from work that causes the worst congestion problems.

Keeping in mind that the current service frequency on the Red Line during peak hours is of 2 minutes 38 seconds, all you metro users can look forward to an even shorter wait, and hopefully a bit more breathing space!

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