Dubai limo services for women launched by Careem

Time Out has information on Dubai limo services for women launched by Careem, which allows app users to book female drivers

If you’re a woman in Dubai who likes to commute in style but would rather do it with a female driver, you’re in luck!

Dubai-based e-hail app Careem has followed in the footsteps of Dubai’s Road and Traffic Authority and now offers Lexus rides with female drivers.

Dubbed Amira, it’s part of a new deal with the RTA that showcases how the Dubai-based app and the city’s main transport authority continue to work together on making it easier and better to get from a to b in Dubai.

“Launching the new exclusive Ladies Limo service is a further evidence that DTC is committed to delivering best-in-class services to customers, and enriching the 5-star experience to unprecedented levels,” said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“The service will be appealing to VIP ladies in quest for privacy and comfort aboard deluxe transit means.”

Less than a month ago the RTA and Careem reached another agreement which saw a fleet of nearly 10,000 city taxis featured on the popular e-hail app, giving users a wider choice of transport that can be booked online.

That agreement comes in very handy during rush hour, for example, as commuters can have the peace of mind of at least knowing that a taxi is on its way and how far it is by tracking it on their mobiles.

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